HOBBYTEC is a Brazilian micro-producer that manufactures handcrafted scale miniatures. We currently manufacture models in 1:87 scale, for model railroader, models in general or for collection.

Our product line is focused on the existing prototypes in Brazil, but also does some existing models in other countries.Our models are handmade produced, using special high quality resin. All models are developed from drawings and measures of the original models, accurately depicting every detail and seeking full fidelity scale .

Because we produce handmade miniatures, do not keep a stock of models. Thus, the deadline for production of the model is informed to the buyer via e-mail after order confirmation.

The time usually revolves around 30 days.

We do not provide ready to run locomotives. We provide shells unpainted and the
buyer must provide fine details, mechanical and painting.
The delivery kit comprises: shell, trucks frames, fuel tank cover, windows, headlights and a resin chassis.

For EMD G12 and GL8 models we advice use the mechanical of locomotives S1/S2 Atlas or Proto 2000 because the dimensions of the trucks are similar.

Please contact us at e-mail:
for more information or to place your order.



Models of EMD export locomotives. We can produce models with slight variations through order.